Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!!!

Posted by April on September 9th, 2011 filed in Family

How I wish our biggest concern was deciding how to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary today.  Instead, the kids will try to make the day as special as they can for me — while we think of you and miss you and love you and wish and pray that you would still be here with us…..just like we do every day….though anniversaries, birthdays, game days, first days of school, an ordinary day, are so much harder without you….we love you and miss you so much, Joel Peigh!

6 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!!!”

  1. Paula Cooprider Says:

    It’s good to see these pictures. I’ve been thinking about your anniversary and remembering how much fun we all had at your wedding. I like seeing the group picture of our family at your wedding and just remembering that we were all so happy. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t celebrate more anniversaries together. Take care. Paula

  2. Connie Matalon Says:

    HI April,

    Thank you for posting the GREAT pictures !!! I agree with Paula, I WISH you and Joel could have celebrated MANY more anniversaries together.

  3. mackenzie carr Says:

    i remember three years ago today….. daphne and i were helping joel pull the fat off of the turkey. that was one of the most grossest moments of my life but yet one of the most memorable. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Daphne Says:

    Yea those were the days even Elaine was gross out I have a pic. of it was the time of my life

  5. Robert LaMothe Says:

    Hi April was just thinking about you all and wanted to say Hello. Love these pictures, it is great to see you guys all together!!!

    Your Friend

    Robert LaMothe

  6. Kelley Mesterharm Says:

    April – thought of Joel & your family today. Our anniversaries are so close together. Hope my thought finds you and the kids remembering happy times and living good moments!


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