3 radiation days left

Posted by Joel on July 11th, 2008 filed in General stuff

Friday afternoon and all is well.  Looking forward to the weekend.  Just got back from radiation and getting ready to meet Mark and off to work this afternoon.  Looking forward to it.  Just 2 more radiation treatments left.  I can do those in my sleep so essentially we’re wrapping this saga up and getting geared for the next phase to ultimately determine our success.  A lot of sunshine out there today, and I’m on my way to get some of it.  Will talk to you all soon.


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  1. Erin Carr Says:

    As I was running my errands today, I was watching the thermostat in my car rise and thinking about how much more I like this weather than the freezing cold winter. Everything looks so drab with grey skies and ice weighing down the leafless trees.

    My thoughts shifted to back when we were kids, probably home from school on a snow day. I stayed in the warm house where I was safe from your powerful snowballs you’d “surprise” me with.

    You came inside and coerced me to come out and play, telling me that I would be safe behind the fort you had built me and that your fort was across from it. You even made me a peephole from which I could watch you!

    The fort was great and I felt so safe, there was plenty of room for me and Bullet the dog.

    What I didn’t know is that you had also dug a tunnel in the drift from your fort to mine and you quietly crawled through and “surprised” me again with snowballs.

    You are always one step ahead.

    Anyway, I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine today. It IS beautiful.


  2. Karen Allen Says:

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine. It looks nice out there. Two more days to go! Way to go Joel!

    Erin, thanks for sharing the snow fort story. Very funny. I remember our forts had ‘tube sock’ flags…was that standard in Prarieton?


  3. Connie Matalon Says:

    Hi Joel,

    ALL of us are keeping track of the radiation treatments with you. It’s terrific that you have only 2 more left. Stan and I will be thinking of you on Monday and Tuesday.
    Cousin Connie

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