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Posted by Joel on July 8th, 2008 filed in General stuff

Hey all.  Tuesday afternoon and all is well as far as I can tell.  Just continuing our daily routine.  Had an MRI done today to check for some possible nerve damage in my left foot possibly a side effect to treatments.  Symptoms are a “heavy” foot when I walk.  I’m certainly not capable of “sneaking” up on anyone right now….Not that I really ever could before though.  My body is definitely feeling the effects of the radiation and chemo at this point.  Not that I’m complaining because all in all I feel pretty darn well.  Its just that their predictions of discomfort are finally being realized.  We knew eventually it would catch up and in a strange way at least the pain I feel is an indication that the treatment is working or at least doing something.  I was beginning to think that I might be Superman for not feeling any ill effects, not to worry anymore Kryptonite not necessary.

As far as treatment goes, we’re down to 5 more radiation trips.  The last 3 treatments are an increased dosage directed at the base of the tumor.  It actually isn’t an increase… its the same amount of radiation that I’ve been receiving but its concentrated to a certain smaller area.  Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to being done…won’t know what to do with myself next week not driving downtown in the morning. 

Big thanks out to Mark Kiefer.  I haven’t mentioned but he’s been manning the Home Zone “solo” recently, allowing me to work when I want and feel like it but not feel obligated.  Been a large help.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work on a regular basis….not so much because I miss it nearly as much as I’m starting to get bored with the idleness of my daily routine..HBO only runs so many movies a month.  I’ve been blessed with great friends as I continue to understand more fully on a daily basis as evidenced by the sheer volume of responses to this blog.

I’m falling a little behind in my responses to those that have written me.  I promise I will get to everyone and do appreciate all of the thoughts and comments as it really has been uplifting.  My spirit and morale continues to be as it always will be…STRONG.  Talk to you soon.



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  1. Ann (Detmer) Prost Says:

    Dear Joel,

    My dad just told me that you are on the prayer list at my parents’s church in Madison. I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our prayers and will continue to be so as you fight this fight. I am encouraged by your strength and your sense of humor.

    Don and I know what it’s like to have to face your mortality head on at an early age. I was 28 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I find it a little strange that as our high school years stretch behind us the thing that we now have in common is cancer. However, I will be delighted to share the distinction of cancer survivor with you! Press on, Joel!

    I pray that you will have a sense of peace as you look forward, that you will continue to find the strength and courage to beat this thing and that you will find comfort and support in God and in your family and friends.

    Peace to you and your family,
    Ann, Don and family

  2. Connie Matalon Says:

    Hi Joel,

    All of us appreciate YOUR comments and thoughts–it helps because we feel connected to what’s happening. Stan and I continue to admire your STRONG spirit and morale.
    Cousin Connie

  3. Julie (Wolfschlag) Niezer Says:


    I continue to keep updated on your progress through this wonderful site. You and April are doing an amazing job keeping everyone up to date. I know many more people than just myself thank you for that! I love to see how many people from Madison (and Terre Haute) continue to reach out to you…I am sure the “prayer warriors” stretch further and further everyday and beyond your wildest imagination!

    Your wit, strength, and positive attitude continue to inspire all of us looking in from the “outside”. Please know that the prayers continue here at the Niezer household and I know YOU WILL WIN this fight! Hang in there and also…happy belated birthday!


  4. Rachel, Daphne, Bridget Says:

    We read some of the comments and what you wrote and your girls (Rachel, Daphne) are very exicted that the Cardnials won!!! I will have you know that this morning was a constant arguement (civilized)over which football team is the best–Colts or Bears??? Of course, we all know the answer to that……..

  5. Tami Kleopfer Says:


    Just wanted to let you know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard the news from Jodi. It made me so sad and I have been asking her for updates often. But today I was talking to Mary Carolyn and she informed me of your Great website. (You have a beautiful family!) Keep up the STRONG POSITIVE ATTITUDE and you will beat this!!

    Take Care!

  6. Paula Cooprider Says:

    I hope your week is going okay. Congratulations on tolerating the treatments this well. I will be glad when next Tuesday is over. Is it legitimate to communicate with Rachel and Daphne via this site? I have been thinking about you girls and Vincent this week. I hopw you are having a good time in Chicago AND I agree with you that I think the Colts are THE team. Hope to see you soon. Paula

  7. Paula Cooprider Says:

    Joel, We’re thinking of you and hope you have a good day today. It is quiet here as Cooper is in daycare. Randy is sickling (I don’t know how to spell this word) weeds. We burned our brush pile last week and there is a fringe of very healthy weeds. We had planned to have a weiner roast but it was too wet on the 4th. The wood wouldn’t burn that day-I guess we burned it on your birthday. Just wanted you to know we were thinking about you. Paula

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