Poem by Rachel

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by Rachel Peigh
We are all very sad,
And also a little mad.
We loved you so dear,
That is why we've shed some tears.

I miss your great big dinners,
They all were oh so yummy.
I miss the way you looked at me,
You were always so funny.

Then one night while laying in bed,
I heard a sudden ding.
I ran down the 14 steps,
And heard an angel sing.

That's when I saw you,
Big and bright as ever.
That's when you said to me,
"I'll leave you never."

"I'll always be there with you,
Forever in your heart.
That's where I've always been,
Even from the start."

What he said was true.
It was no lie.
The only sad thing was,
I had to say good-bye.

I told him that I loved him,
And I asked him to stay.
He told me he loved me back,
And I know that till this very day.

Even though I miss him,
Each and every day.
"I can't wait to see you in heaven,"
I know that's what he'd say.

16 Responses to “Poem by Rachel”

  1. Paula Cooprider Says:

    What a beautiful poem! You expressed yourself so very well. You make your mom and dad proud of you. We do miss your daddy so much. Thanks for sharing your poem with us. Love, Paula

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks Paula!!!!

  3. Kathy Peigh Says:


    Grandpa told me before he left for work today that you had written a poem for Dad and that it was pretty good(that is a HUGE compliment). It is very, very good! I can see Daddy smile when you mentioned his dinners, especially since you helped him cook a lot of them.

    We will have fun cooking for Thanksgiving and remembering a lot of Dad’s favorites. Maybe we will shed a tear or two, but you know we will laugh more.

    We’ll see who has the best memories of Dad and Thanksgiving, OK?
    Remember Dad always had a new dish that he read in the paper or heard from someone. Last year it was squash pudding, right?

    Love Grandma

  4. Rachel Says:


    Thanks. Writing this poem was fun but I did cry a little also. As I was writing it I felt him inside which inspired me to keep on writing. (I like to write poems anyway.)


  5. Erin Carr Says:

    You are an amazing writer. Thank you for posting your poem. It is the most wonderful thing I’ve read, ever.
    Shedding tears and sharing memories makes us feel closer to him. Being together makes us feel closer to him too. It feels like he is right here.
    Please keep sharing these poems with us.

    Your daddy and your mommy will inspire you to do so much so stay with it. All of you make us so proud.

    You are loved so much more than you know.

  6. Connie Matalon Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for posting your beautiful poem. I cried when I read it just now; but it makes me feel happy that you wrote it. Stan and I will look forward to reading more poems…
    Cousin Connie

  7. Maddy Colvin Says:

    Hey Rachel,
    That was a very nice poem.I just want you to know that you can always shed a tear…. just keep in mind that I am always here for you.

  8. Jim Roberts Says:

    Rachel, I agree with your Grandpa. It is pretty good. The poem was not only a pleasure to read but it allowed us to see and understand how you feel. Each are difficult to do. Your Dad would be very proud. Please remember, God and time is on your side.

    Cousin Jim

  9. Tiffany Says:

    This belongs in a frame.

  10. Mackenzie Carr Says:

    That was a touching poem. I’ve never heard anything like it. You are right, he proably can’t wait to see you in heaven You know he loved and still loves you

  11. Rachel Says:

    Thank you everyone for all of your love and support. I am so thankful for all of you. See you all very soon!!!

    With Love,


  12. Robert LaMothe Says:

    loved this poem! allowed me to “see” my friend again!

  13. Daphne Says:

    love the poma

  14. Daphne Says:


  15. Daphne Says:

    aw i love that

  16. Erin Says:

    I just re-read this poem, and it is still so amazing. Wonderful job!

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