The first Halloween…..

Posted by April on October 31st, 2009 filed in Family

Joel always played such an important role in the kids’ Halloween activities.  He was the official pumpkin carver.  He always did such a great job in reproducing the kids’ pumpkin face designs that they requested on paper to the actual pumpkin.  I, on the other hand, am not so talented.  Though I would mark my first Halloween carving pumpkins as a true success since I not only did not cut off a finger, I didn’t even draw blood while carving three large pumpkins.  I have learned one of my major weaknesses in pumpkin carving, though:  teeth.  Vincent requested two upper teeth on his pumpkin.  One of the teeth I lopped off during the mouth carving process.  The other upper tooth fell off as Vincent was cleaning out the inside of the jack-o-lantern.  I had altered Vincent’s plans during the carving process when I added a tooth on the bottom — which has held up so far.  Rachel was quick to demonstrate to me how her pumpkin’s upper tooth is loose.  Thankfully, Daphne must have realized I was a novice and decided she didn’t want any teeth on her pumpkin.

Trick or treating on Halloween night was also Joel’s gig with the kids.  Previous years, I stayed at home to hand out candy while Joel took the kids around the neighborhood.  Obviously the kids still wanted to trick or treat this Halloween.  The trick or treating hours for Noblesville were set from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  We headed out the door shortly after 5:00 p.m.  The brightness and warmth from the sun made the excursion enjoyable.  The kids had a great time trick or treating and they got exhausted before it was even dark outside.  Since I couldn’t be home to hand out candy and go trick or treating at the same time, I decided to simply place a large bowl of candy on the front porch for the visitors to our house.  I have learned not to do that again.  There are two groups of teenagers that will probably incur extra expenses at the dentist office on their next visits.

I guess, in a way, to help bear this first Halloween without Joel, I agreed to a distraction for the kids — to foster a pregnant cat.  We picked up Lee Anne (name changed to Ella this evening by the kids) on the afternoon of October 31st.  We will anxiously await her kittens’ birth, which is expected in the next week or two.  Rachel has taken on the role of the main caregiver, so far.  Perhaps the presence of Ella will assist in distracting us from the enormous emptiness that we feel every day since Joel has been gone……..

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  1. Connie Matalon Says:

    Hi April,

    Stan and I were HOPING that you would post a Halloween update. And, what a bonus–to see Daphne and Vincent and Rachel in their costumes. They look great !!!AND, I think your pumpkins look perfect. We’ll be eagerly awaiting news about Lee Ann/Ella…
    Cousin Connie

  2. Kathy Peigh Says:

    Hi April,
    Ella looks like she is settling in, hopefully the new arrivals come later.

    We enjoyed Rachel, Daphne and Vincent on our trip to Springfield. I like Lincoln information and each of them found something new to know about Lincoln or the Silver War that Vincent says they keep fighting.

    They spent time writing in their journals but I didn’t get a chance to read much of them. We all played “Casino” together, which was fun.

    We toured Lincoln Museum and Tomb– they thought maybe one like Lincolns might be too big for their Dad. Damon & I have been to the tomb/monument 3 or 4 times, we didn’t know you could go inside, til Daphne tried the door. There was a lot more stuff in there.

    Vincent liked the Sudoku book I gave them and concientiously tried to finish the book. It has 9 levels but he did get to level 4 in the short time.

    The best part to me was when he is sitting in the lounge chair, pushed back with feet up, Sudoku book and pencil in one hand and feet crossed. He checks the scenario and says”I look like Dad– my feet are crossed just like him and working the Sudoku just like him” Girls positively agree to it. Was a good moment.

    Thanks for letting us take them.

  3. Carrie Peigh Colvin Says:

    Hello Peigh family… Great pictures!
    I always love to read what Grandma has to say after taking trips with the kids!

    Vincent…you certainly DO look like your Dad!!

    Have a great week anticipating the new kittens.

    Miss you all…

  4. Maddy Colvin Says:

    Hey Peigh Family!!!!!

    I hope you enjoy your kittens…. I want to see them! :):):) I can’t wait to see all of you on Thanksgiving!!!! LOL!

    I love you all…..

  5. Karen Allen Says:

    Such great pictures of awesome kids and big pumpkins!

    I have to say – Vincent has quite a 6 (plus) pack! He’s bulked up since I saw him last. While watching an Arther cartoon with Cooper last week – I thought about Vincent b/c DW suggested that Arthur call his new puppy Ten Dollar. Incredible!
    Thanks for letting me connect with you all online.


  6. Paula Cooprider Says:

    Hi April, Rachel, Daphne and Vincent,
    Do you have new kittens, yet? They will be fun but you’re all brave to take on that responsibility.
    I think you did a great job carving the jack-o-lanterns, April. They look good-nice designs. It is good to see their costumes. Daphne’s hair is pretty amazing!
    Thanks for keeping us informed. Paula

  7. Erin J. Carr Says:

    These Jack O Lanterns look FABULOUS!

    I can’t believe it!. Moreover, I can’t believe how patient you are~ you let them draw it out on paper first? I love that each one has a different kind of eyes.
    Daphne’s hair is crazy! Was that a science ‘experiment’?

    Mackenzie and Elaina are very excited to meet the new cat/kittens.

  8. Barry Gaines Says:

    I am pleased to hear you are in the kitten mode. … I have several experienced kittens that could use your home.

  9. abby qualitza Says:

    I am very impressed with the pumpkins and the costumes are quiet impressive too!! LOVE the IU med jackets and WOW…Vincent looks so much like Joel!
    If Lee Anne Ella needs a good home for one of her babies we are more than intersted in taking one of them for her. You can tell her we’ve been looking for a new addition with four legs and Miss Sofia promises to take very good care of her. It was good seeing you/Rachel at moms! Take care all….

  10. Daphne Says:

    I do remember the time I was all ready for tricking and treating so I race downstairs and found my pumpkin so not skinny so large I remember it like it was a dream of hope faith and love to me!!! Thank you thank you Love

    Daphne Oliva Peigh

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