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Though I am nowhere close to thinking straight, I wanted to touch base to let you know that the PeighItForward website will remain up and running at least until the golf outing on Saturday, August 15, 2009.  I hope to post pictures and highlights from the inaugural event for those unable to attend.  After that, I am uncertain of the website’s future.  Though the kids and I continue to visit Joel daily, I realize I will not have a wealth of information to share.

I am truly appreciative of all the wonderful people with whom Joel had a relationship with — whether they are a relative, friend, customer, neighbor, classmate — each and every one of you have exhibited enormous love and support to the kids and me.  Unfortunately, the past few days have been such a whirlwind and I feel I am still trying to steady myself.  Please know that I am so thankful for all your kind gestures — a prayer being said for us, mowing the lawn, bringing dinner, a hug, purchasing and delivering the kids’ school supplies, flowers, desserts, financial support, a shoulder to cry on, planting a tree in Joel’s honor, being near, listening…….and I have only listed a few of the many terrific things you have done for us.

Right now, the world seems off-centered to me.  There is such an emptiness, a void without Joel.  Many times, I am in such a haze that the kids must snap me back to reality.  I can’t help but cry when I think of the pain and suffering Joel endured — yet he never complained.  His body could not keep up with his beautiful soul.  I miss him so much…….

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  1. Connie Matalon Says:

    Hi April,

    You continue to inspire everyone around you. Thank you for this update. Stan and I have been thinking of you and Rachel and Daphne and Vincent constantly. I agree that the world seems off-centered… I am looking forward to being at the Peigh It Forward Classic on August 15th !
    Cousin Connie

  2. Gurnee Knaufs Says:

    We would like to thank the Peigh family, particularly Damon, Kathy, Erin, and Carrie for handling the multitude of arrangements and scheduling related to our celebration of Joel’s life last week. We are also thankful for all the helpful things that were done for April and the kids. Buy school supplies for the kids? – what a great idea! April is truly blessed to be a part of the Peigh family.

  3. Holly Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers continue to turn to your family. Home Zone shirts still get worn around here – another reason for Jeff to think of his memories with Joel. He was singing along with Merle Haggard today, too. I’m so glad to hear how you’ve been blessed by so many. We’re just around the corner…

  4. Judy Smith Says:

    I think of you and the children daily. I think it is so wonderful that so many people have helped. Please know that you all are in my prayers. I too think Kathy and Damon are wonderful people and I know they love you and the kids very much. Take care and look forward to the golf outing.


  5. Melissa Cooprider Says:

    April, thanks so much for letting us know how you’re doing. You are in our thoughts constantly. Stephen even prayed for “all of the Peigh family” tonight before dinner. I hate that we’re so far away, but please know that we’re sending prayers your way.

  6. Lisa Knauf Says:

    Dear April, I have been thinking about you and the kids constantly. After losing my dad just last month, I can say that I know how it hurts and how hard it is to just take the next step into another day or even second. But, don’t rush and give yourself a break. Remember what Joel’s Uncle said…. He is just a step and a second on front of us. Where he is, you too will be. Take your time, All the time you need. We are here for you in spirit and in whatever we can do to help you and the kids survive. God be with you and hold you in his loving arms sooo tight.

    We love you!

  7. Carla (Ritchie-Imel) Ginn Says:

    I continue to think about you and the kids and keep you in my prayers. I have great memories of Joel in high school and they just make me laugh with I think about them. Who could ever forget “My Ding-a-Ling”?! Take care and I may see you at the classic.


  8. ginger grimes taylor Says:

    april, i continue to think about u and your family. luckily u have great kids to keep u going thru this. theyre strong and will help keep you strong thru this difficult time. i hope u have a great turn out for the classic.

  9. Paula Cooprider Says:

    Thanks for your update. Checking the blog has become more-than-once-a day routine. I do appreciate knowing how you’re doing. I’m proud of both Joel and of you.
    we continue to keep you in our prayers.
    We’ll see you at the PeighItForward Classic. Paula
    Tell Rachel I still have not harvested any tomatoes. Her garden is way better than mine!

  10. Karen Allen Says:

    I read your blog last week and am so touched by how you expressed yourself. “Off-centered.” Your courage is truly inspirational.

  11. Linda Says:


    Many people have a relationship with you via this blog now. You really are an inspiration to many – and many who don’t comment. It would be good to continue to post once in a while. You are wonderful with words and say things in writing that most people never articulate. You and Joel allowed people to talk about things that almost never get to be said “out loud”. Thank you for creating this space.

    As for the fog – it will lift. As it lifts it sometimes feels like rain itself and it is chilly. But, lift it does eventually. And what is left in its place are warm memories and all the love that goes on forever. I can promise you this.

  12. Lisa Says:

    Hi April,
    We’ve not met but I am a relative of Darrell & Lois – her niece. A great book you might check into that has helped a lot of my friends thru grief & difficulties is called, “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On” by Stormie Omartian – you can find it at a Christian bookstore or at Amazon. Great source of help in dealing w/ day to day situations. We’re praying for you!

  13. Amy Walker Says:

    April, Rachel, Daphne and Vincent,

    Your notes today brought a a smile to all of us today, We read them at the supper table! Everyone is adjusting to school again. We are all looking forward to the Classic on Saturday. It will be fun! Praying and thinking of you often! Love Amy

  14. Kathy Knauf Says:

    Hello April & kids,
    Your Uncle Jerry and I haven’t seen you since
    you were young. But you have certainly grown into wonderfully
    strong woman! The emptyness and pain of loosing Your Joel
    must be one of the most difficult challenges of your life!
    Having had a death experience myself I know
    where he is and how happy he is to be rid of his body. His personality and love for you and the kids will never die !! Helping
    you and the kids from the other side. Every dream or “coincedence”
    will be Joel letting you know he’s still with you!
    Your strength will come from God’s love for you
    and His gift of your beautiful children !
    Please come to Colorado when you can we would love to see you. We have room for you to stay with us .

    Our love and prayers,
    Aunt Kathy & Uncle Jerry

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