Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!!!

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How I wish our biggest concern was deciding how to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary today.  Instead, the kids will try to make the day as special as they can for me — while we think of you and miss you and love you and wish and pray that you would still be here with us…..just like we do every day….though anniversaries, birthdays, game days, first days of school, an ordinary day, are so much harder without you….we love you and miss you so much, Joel Peigh!

Two years ago today….

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my world fell apart… and I can’t say I have succeeded in putting it back together.  Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could chat with Joel, see him, hear his laugh, talk about the kids, discuss the most recent games, share thoughts on world news, just be with him…. I still drive around town and look at the side of any white pick-up truck — wishing the Home Zone logo would be there… it is difficult to describe the void that exists in my heart… no one can truly understand the experiences that Joel and I shared all those years…. the silly inside jokes that we had, which are triggered by a certain song, a phrase, a simple gesture…. i think of all the great times that our kids will never have with him…. none of it makes any sense to me….

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Joel!

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Joel's birthday, 2008

July 2006

Exciting events in February

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Besides Rachel’s birthday, February had many newsworthy events occur in the Peigh household.  First of all, we adopted another kitten from the Humane Society.  Francisco is a very active boy!  He thoroughly enjoys pestering his fellow felines.  At times, he behaves more like a dog than a cat (such as chasing his own tail, playing fetch with Vincent, etc.).    As everyone adjusts to the new addition to the family, we can only hope he will mellow out a little bit as he ages.

FranciscoFrancisco, getting ready to pounceDaphne truly enjoyed traveling back in time (to 1830) with her classmates, dressing up and participating in the usual school day known as Pioneer Day.  (I believe it is the only day this school year that she has worn a dress to school!)

Off to Pioneer DayGotta love the bonnet

Basketball season drew to a close in February.  All three kids had a great time playing this year.  Vincent’s team ended the season with a victory and finished with a record of 6-1.  The girls played on the same team and had a fantastic season also.  They won the tournament championship!

Vincent before a gamePosing with their teammates and trophies

Happy 12th Birthday, Rachel!

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Joel was so excited to become a new father!  Though Rachel’s due date wasn’t until Valentine’s Day, starting at the end of January, Joel would ask me every morning whether we were going to have a baby that day.  On Monday morning, February 8, 1999, Joel woke up with the flu.  That morning, he informed me that this day was not a good day to have a baby.  Unfortunately, Rachel had other plans.  In the early afternoon, I left work early to go home since I wasn’t feeling well either (not knowing that I was in labor).  Since Joel did not go into work that day, he was already home and reluctantly drove me to the hospital.  I was so excited and nervous about this whole birthing process — and felt especially clueless since Joel and I did not take any childbirth classes.  I almost panicked when I was informed that I was too far along to have an epidural.  Good thing my husband was by my side for support and encouragement — no, wait, Joel was slumped in a chair in the corner of the delivery room.  He could barely stand for more than a few minutes at a time before he retreated to the lazy boy recliner to rest.  Ironically, the nurses seemed more concerned about him than me!  Numerous times, they asked him how he was feeling, whether they could bring him anything, etc.  Don’t mind me, trying to push the equivalence of a bowling ball out of my body.  After a few short hours, somehow, both Joel and I survived the entire ordeal and were able to rest comfortably that night, celebrating our new roles as parents.  While smiling his beautiful smile, Joel always enjoyed sharing with others how rough Rachel’s birth day was for him.

Happy 12th Birthday, Sweetheart!  Your Dad would be so proud of the sweet, smart, thoughtful, generous, loving, competitive, wonderful person you are!

Joel and Rachel, October 2000

We miss you so much, Joel Peigh!

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A.N.N.A.’s Ball 2010

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Happy Halloween!

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15 years ago today…..

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I married my best friend.

May 2008

Rose Bowl 2001

Our 10 year anniversary in Las Vegas

Halloween 2002

Gone fishin’

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Daphne and Vincent enjoyed fishing last Saturday morning — on a surprisingly cool August morning.  (Rachel spent the night at Grandma’s so she didn’t join in on the fun.)

Vincent's first catch of the day

Daphne caught a ton of fish while on the bridge

Thankfully, there was plenty of help with bait and fish

Daphne, being....... Daphne